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Welcome to Nathan Leadgate!

About Us

Nathan Leadgate is an organisational management practice providing a wide range of services across public, private and social sector institutions. We are well structured to deliver services that are inventively designed and tailored to address you and your organisation's targeted needs.

Our client specific models are focused on delivering valued services with verified outcomes in a way to help achieve their goals while optimising their competence.

Our team of professionals' work across a diverse spectrum of engagements with both large and small companies to provide relevant insights for premium client satisfaction.


To develop and maximise the competence of clients for effective service delivery.


To be the foremost influencer of personal and corporate change by equipping clients to deliver value.

Core Values

  • Integrity - Upholding rectitude in all our dealings.
  • Contribution - Collaborating with clients to achieve noble results.
  • Excellence - Expressing mastery in our delivery.

Our Services

Our consulting services focus on the focal points for business excellence: People, Organisation, Learning & Development, and Strategy.


Our goal is to help our clients with employee resourcing. We focus on employee repositioning through redesign of professional outlook.
Our people services has a string of solutions to ensure improved employee engagement.


Our team supports you to ensure process improvement, resource optimization, articulation of corporate vision, organization restructuring and role execution. Our solutions help our clients to embrace change and focus on change management principles to meet with the overwhelming complexity and tremendous competition prevalent in the business environment.


Our team has developed focal points for equipping people towards improved performance. We are well positioned to provide insights for personal development, entrepreneurship, workplace relationship management, leadership and success. Our learning model is collaborative and immersive with a guarantee of personal and professional transformation leading to business efficiency and workplace effectiveness.


Our range of services help our clients to formulate policies that support realization of corporate vision and mission. We brace our clients with approaches to implement and integrate corporate policies. We share insights from our research to support reviews and evaluation of the strategic positioning of our clients.

Our Clients & Collaborators